Search the Bible Codes for Yourself
with these Bible and Torah Code
Software Programs!

  Unlocking The Bible Codes
The Key to Cracking the Bible's Hidden Secrets on your PC

Features of Unlocking the Bible Codes..
  • Hebrew / English syncronized text
  • 70,000 word Hebrew/English dictionary
  • Multi-media tutorial presentation
  • Virtual Hebrew keyboard
  • Multiple search and cross search capabilities
  • Forward/ Backward search
  • Powerful database
  • Highlight codes in bright colors and geometric shapes
  • Import/Export results to your friends
  • Color and font customization
  • Print Hebrew/English text
  • Interactive help
  • Self learning capability

Does the Bible Predict Historic Events?

Ancient tradition states that God dictated the first five books of the Bible, the Torah, to Moses. Recent scientific evidence reveals that historic facts, both past and present,are encoded in the Hebrew scriptures. These facts, along with future insights can be discovered and unlocked through computer analysis.

Unlocking the Bible Codes is a powerful new program that allows you to search the Hebrew scriptures for hidden codes without ANY knowledge of Hebrew! All you have to do is type in the English word you want, and the program translates the word to Hebrew. The program then searches and analyzes the text, revealing all of the hidden messages.

Discover past, present and future secrets of the Bible... you never know what may be waiting for you!

System Requirements:Pc 486 or higher
16MB of RAM minimum
Windows 95 , 98 or NT
25MB free disk space
CD ROM drive

In the US: $54.99 (includes shipping)
In Canada: $84.99 + GST (includes shipping)

To Order Call :  
In U.S. 1800 711 1976
In Canada 1 800 853 1423

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