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The Coming Kingdom of God
by Grant R. Jeffrey

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Will Jesus Christ literally return from heaven in the last days? Will Christ defeat evil and set up His kingdom on earth? Does the Bible prophesy that Jesus will establish a thousand-year millennial kingdom? After waiting for almost two thousand years, why should we believe that our generation might see the fulfillment of these prophecies? How should we answer critics who claim that these prophecies were fulfilled almost two thousand years ago when Jerusalem was destroyed? What did the early Church believe about the Second Coming,the Millennium, and the Antichrist?

The answers to these important questions are revealed in the fascinating research that is presented in this book. The evidence presented in Triumphant Return provides compelling proof that the Scriptures clearly taught that Jesus will return to earth at the end of this age to set up His kingdom on earth. You will discover overwhelming evidence that those in the early Church who lived closest in time to the apostles longed for the literal and imminent return and universally believed in the millennial kingdom. Finally, this book will explore the astonishing events that are taking place around the world that are fulfillments of the precise prophecies that the Scriptures recorded that point to the nearness of Christ's return.

Topics explored in this book:

1. The Importance of the Second Coming and the Kingdom of God
2. How Should We Understand Prophecy
3. What Did the Early Church Believe about the Second Coming?
4. Arguments and Evidence against Preterism
6. The Coming Millennial Kingdom of God
7. The Rapture: The Resurrection Prophecy
8. The Imminent Return of Christ for His Church
9. General Prophetic Signs of Christ's Second Coming
10. Unique Signs Pointing to the Second Coming
11. How Should We Respond to the Coming Kingdom of God?

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The Rise of Antichrist
by Grant R. Jeffrey

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As we enter the new millennium we are experiencing an unprecedented assault on our privacy and freedom that is setting the stage for the totalitarian future global government of the coming Antichrist.

will demonstrate the growing attack by government, corporations, and individuals on our private communications as well as our personal financial transactions. Every citizen needs to become aware of this unprecedented attack on our freedom and privacy.

SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY provides compelling evidence that we are witnessing the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies of the Bible about the events of the last days which will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon and the return of Christ to establish His eternal kingdom on earth. This well documented book warns that remarkable new surveillance technologies are creating "Big Brother" monitoring of every activity that was foretold two thousand years ago by the book of Revelation.

Topics explored in this book include:

  • Astonishing new surveillance technologies threaten our privacy
  • Your E-mail and Internet surfing are constantly monitored
  • Echelon global surveillance monitors all our calls and faxes
  • Plans of NATO and the UN to create world government
  • Electronic weapons for global economic war
  • The rise of Antichrist and the world's first super state
  • Every detail of your life is now available in a computer database

This book will challenge each reader to examine the powerful evidence that we are truly living in the last days and that Jesus Christ may return in our generation. The final chapter invites the reader to respond to Jesus' invitation to place their faith in Him.

**The above is an excerpt taken from Grant Jeffrey's new release,
Surveillance Society
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New Release

The Search For Immortality
By Grant R. Jeffrey

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The question of what happens to our soul when we die has perplexed and fascinated humanity throughout history. Numerous polls reveal an overwhelming interest in the question of the reality of life after death. The question of whether or not we actually survive death to live forever is a fundamental issue that will profoundly affect every aspect of our lives.

explores the astonishing and compelling new evidence from scientific and medical experiments that strongly suggests that our soul can survive the death of our physical body. In this book we examine the remarkable evidence from doctors, scientists, death bed visions, and near death experiences that point to our survival of life's final hour.

JOURNEY INTO ETERNITY examines compelling evidence that we were created by God to live forever. After exploring the overwhelming evidence that we do survive after death, this book investigates the nature of immortality and our future life in eternity.

  • Topics explored in this book include:
  • Fascinating new scientific evidence that we can survive death
  • Medical experiments that point to the immortality of our soul
  • What happens the moment we die?
  • A balanced Christian evaluation of Near Death Experiences
  • Revelations from deathbed visions
  • Evidence that Jesus Christ truly rose from the dead
  • The promise of resurrection to live forever young
  • Revelations of Jesus about our eternal life

This book will challenge each reader to examine the powerful evidence that we are truly living in the last days and that Jesus Christ may well return in our lifetime. The final chapter invites the reader to respond to Jesus' invitation to place their faith in Him

**The above is an excerpt taken from Grant Jeffrey's new release,
Journey Into Eternity.
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By Grant R. Jeffrey

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" Who do you say that I am?" is a question that has stirred great debate concerning the identity of Jesus in universities, churches, and most of all, in the hearts of millions.

"Jesus The Great Debate" explores the criticism of the skeptics, such as the Jesus Seminar, a group of liberal scholars who deny that Jesus performed miracles and rose from the dead.

  • Fascinating new scientific evidence suggests the Shroud of Turin may prove to be the actual burial cloth of Christ.
  • Find out why many of the ancient Jews rejected Jesus despite their prophecies that revealed He was the true Messiah.
  • Read the censored passages about Jesus and His disciples hidden in the Jewish Talmud and Targums.
  • Explore the astonishing discoveries of early Christian tombs.
  • Uncover the truth about Jesus regarding His mysterious birth, His miracles, and His remarkable resurrection.

Image Of The Risen Christ
By Dr. Kenneth S. Stevenson
Foreword by Dr. Grant R. Jeffrey

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New Release from Frontier Research Publications

The Shroud of Turin reveals a mysterious image of a crucified man. After 25 years of research Dr. Kenneth Stevenson reveals new scientific and historical discoveries plus an ancient Christian manuscript that suggests the image may be that of Jesus Christ. If God chose to leave us with an image of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, would it look like the Shroud of Turin?

Millions of Christians became intensely interested in the Shroud when the photographs of the negative image were published in books, magazines, and newspapers throughout the world. These photos revealed a crucified body in extraordinary detail. The man of the Shroud it seemed, suffered and died very much the way the gospels say Jesus of Nazareth suffered and died.
The more we learn about the Shroud, the more likely it seems that the cloth is what it purports to be-the burial garment of Jesus Christ

It almost seems that the Shroud's deepest secrets lay hidden for 2000 years until men invented scientific instruments sophisticated enough to detect them. Perhaps the age of sophisticated science is also the age which most needs to confront the man in the Shroud.

Dr. Stevenson brilliantly offers:
An open-minded look at both the old and new data on the Shroud and presents a critical but fair investigation of all worthwhile views. The Shroud has been subjected to over 150,000 hours of scientific testing. The results of these tests will astonish you.

Provides answers to outstanding questions of the Shrouds authenticity:

  • What about the discovery of the face cloth of Jesus
  • What are the problems with carbon 14 dating that must be challenged
  • Why have Israel's top scientists recently declared that the Shroud originated in Jerusalem and that it must have been woven before A.D. 760?
  • How does the image of the Shroud compare with what we know of Jesus' crucifixion and burial as recorded in the gospels?
  • The multiple blood stains on the Shroud are actually human blood. Could these stains be the blood of Jesus of Nazareth?
  • How plausible is the claim that this is a highly detailed image of Jesus as he lay in the tomb?
  • Why do all of the ancient paintings of Jesus of Nazareth bear an uncanny resemblance to the Shroud of Turin?
  • Why does a remarkable historical document of the early Christian Church refer directly to something mysterious about the burial cloth of Jesus?
  • How can so many things-history, art, legend, pollen, and religious tradition possibly line up by coincidence alone?
  • Brilliantly offers the possible conclusions about the origin of the image of the man buried in the Shroud.
  • Is the Shroud a freak occurrence of human genius?
  • Is the Shroud a freak occurrence of nature?
  • Is science and religion truly at war over the man in the Shroud?
  • Or...Is the Image a record of a known man-Jesus of Nazareth-at a known moment in history.

As a former spokesman for the STURP team, and one who participated in the investigation of the Shroud and is intimately familiar with the technical data and all their findings, Dr. Stevenson not only offers a straightforward balanced presentation of the known facts, but is also cautious in his evaluation of them. He impressively argues that the facts point strongly to two conclusions, that the Shroud is an actual archaeological artifact, and that it is the burial garment of Jesus.

This book honestly wrestles with the data (both old and new) and arrives at objective conclusions.

The Shroud may be important...the stakes are high!

What better evidence could God offer of His love to a technical generation than something that has stumped some of the best minds of their day, while at the same time revealing a depth of love few could even imagine.

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The New World Religion
by Gary Kah

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The New World Religion presents insightful clarification between authentic biblical Christianity, and the occult teachings of the "New Age" by explaining the religious underpinnings of a dangerous, yet rapidly growing movement. Gary Kah documents the growing "empowerment" of the U.N., soon to be felt by us all as new international laws and regulations become fully enforceable in the new millennium. This compelling book takes issue with hidden agendas aimed at destroying our Christian heritage and encourages a stand for righteousness and faithfulness to the teachings of Jesus Christ in the expectation of His imminent return.

Crucial issues covered in THE NEW WORLD RELIGION

The spiritual motivation of those pursuing world government
The Plans for a New World Religion
The true goal of the environmental movement
The secret educational agenda of the U.N. World Core Curriculum
The phenomena of hypnosis and spirit guides
The occult threat to Christianity



Winner of The Coveted " Christy Award" for
Best Prophetic Fiction Novel of The Year

By Grant Jeffrey and Angela Hunt

By Dawns Early Light

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By Dawns Early Light is the stunning sequel to Flee the Darkness. Daniel Prentice and NSA chief Captain Michael Reed are plunged into danger as tension mounts over an imminent Russian-Arab invasion of Jerusalem. More than a battle for land, the invasion could be the fulfillment of Ezekiel's ancient biblical prophecy of Gog and Magog invading Israel. As Israel faces the threat of nuclear war and attacking forces from all four borders, the fate of nations hangs in the balance. Readers will never forget the climactic conclusion to this prophetic thriller.

Received The Catherine Marshall Foundation
Prophecy Fiction Award of Excellence.


Flee the Darkness
by Grant Jeffrey and Angela Hunt

RETAIL $17.99
SPECIAL $14.39 (20%)


The President of the United States gazed into the camera. "Don't panic," he said. "Stay tuned to your emergency stations... And may God have mercy on us."

In a race against time, Daniel Prentice and his colleagues rush to meet a gargantuan challenge: developing the software that will save the world from chaos when the year 2000 arrives. But as the deadline looms even closer, another source of chaos - and evil -arises from ancient roots, threatening global enslavement and terror - and doom - if Daniel's plan succeeds.

As Daniel struggles to fulfill his commitment, he feels his life being inexplicably torn by forces he cannot fully comprehend: his opportunity to gain worldwide power and wealth, his attraction to a beautiful woman at the center of intrigue, and the image of his humble mother, praying earnestly on her knees. Suddenly the world is spinning out of his control, people he knows are being caught up in the vortex, and nothing is what it seems.

Brilliant young entrepreneur Daniel Prentice, head of Prentice Technologies, a highly successful software developement company, gets the attention of the President of the United States when he solves the Y2K problem for a nationwide bank chain. The president wants him to fix the "millennium bug" in all government computer systems before the year 2000. Applying the theory that "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link," Prentice realizes that the solution must be all or nothing. Either every computer must conform to a single program, or the whole system will crash, and along with it, civilization as we know it. Utility grids will black out. All records - government, banking, medical, property, financial - will be lost in cyberspace. Machines from VCRs to automobiles will cease to run, telephones will go dead, and mass communications will fall silent. Prentice developes a "millennium chip" programmed with a code which every person in the nation must use in order to buy or sell anything at all. His success gains him not only unprecedented fame and fortune, but the attentions of Lauren Mitchell, a beautiful and intelligent operative on the president's staff.

Daniel does not sense the far-reaching evil that his plan can spawn until Adrian Romulus, the head of the newly formed European Consortium, enlists him to solve the Y2K problem for Europe. When he realizes that Romulus intends to use his technology to gain world control, he tries to extricate himself from the assignment. But Romulus has ways of forcing compliance, and Daniel finds himself and Lauren in mortal danger as he struggles against time to keep his invention from plunging the world into chaos.

The technological nightmare our world faces as it nears the year 2000 is real and has the potential to create worldwide chaos. But as Grant R. Jeffrey and Angela Hunt show us in this timely and compelling novel, solving it may lead us one step closer to Armageddon.

by Grant Jeffrey and Angela Hunt


An unforgettable sequel to By Dawn’s Early Light.
A tale of faith, love, terror---and hope.
It seems like a dream come true.

Especially to a world ravaged by war and exhausted by drought. Especially to a society grown fearful from widespread crime and mystified by mass disappearances and unprovoked animal attacks...And especially to a young Israeli couple devastated by their own, very personal loss, and unable to reach out to each other in their private pain.

After centuries of war and decades of crime, the prospect of international harmony is tantalizing the tiny nation of Israel. After a millennia of waiting, the prospect of a rebuilt temple on Jerusalem’s holy mount seems a miraculous gift. And to Israeli Major Isaac Ben-David, disillusioned by loss and hungry for meaning, the opportunity to work for peace is all but irresistible.

Isaac’s opportunity lies with Adrian Romulus, the president of the European Union Council of Ministers. He's a charismatic, visionary world leader with a workable plan for solving the world’s problems. Tall, handsome, and deeply spiritual, he is also personally interested in the nation of Israel. Everyone agrees he’s a man who can bring peace to a troubled world.

But why do the thoughts of Romulus trouble Isaac’s wife, Sarah, an Israeli security officer? How can Romulus know Isaac and Sarah’s most private secrets? And why is he so obsessed with an ancient spearhead in an Austrian museum?

Just who is Adrian Romulus, anyway?

And what are his plans for Isaac Ben-David--and the world?

The Spear of Tyranny

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The Mysterious Bible Codes

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Why have the controversial Bible Codes astounded researchers world-wide?
Because 3,000 year-old writings seem to predict such modern events as:

  • The assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin.
  • The plague of AIDS.
  • The 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma, and the name of convicted terrorist Timothy McVeigh.
  • Tensions and peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Labor Organization

In this book, best-selling author Grant Jeffrey shows why the modern discovery of ancient Bible Codes propelled the topic to the best-seller list of the New York Times. Taking the Codes out of the scholar's study and making them understandable to non-technical readers, Jeffrey shows that the Bible is true.

The author reveals codes that Hebrew scholars have been deciphering for years. Now using techniques made available only by the development of modern computer programs, Jeffrey shows that codes also appear in the New Testaments.

This book reports on the publication of the Codes, in 1988, not by Bible scholars but by mathematics and computer experts in this country and Jerusalem. In his easy - to - read style Jeffrey even invites the reader to participate in this exciting new field of study. He points to internet web sites and word-search suggestions that equip non-specialists with research techniques never before available.

The authors clear explanation of the codes and their significance, plus his highly accessible style, make this book essential reading for everyone who is interested in how the Bible speaks to modern times.

Scholars and specialists from many fields have been astounded by the discovery that modern names and events were predicted in code from the Old Testament. Now , best selling author Grant R. Jeffrey explains the mystery for us all and points to recently discovered codes in the New Testament.

Experts have shown that Scripture miraculously includes dozens of Bible Codes revealing details about historical events that occurred thousands of years after the Bible was written. In this fascinating book, Jeffrey explains the discovery of such words as Yeshua, Hitler, Bill Clinton, and S-C-U-D (Iraq's gulf War missile) ; and even details of the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin.

Why would God guide Bible writers to encode modern names and events? To prove the inspiration of the Bible, the author says. "In His prophetic foreknowledge, God knew that our generation would be characterized by skepticism," Jeffrey writes. "In the face of an unrelenting attack on the authority of the Scriptures, God made provision in the form of additional scientific evidence that could challenge this modern assault on the Bible."

Here in non-technical language, the author:

  • Reveals the most dramatic discoveries of Bible codes in both ancient and modern times.
  • Describes how the codes were preserved by the amazing care ancient Bible copyists gave to protecting the accuracy of the text.
  • Responds to critics of Bible Codes.
  • Cautions us against the misuse of the codes.

From Grant Jeffrey

The Handwriting of God, Sacred Mysteries of the Bible

RETAIL $13.99
SPECIAL $10.46 (25%)

Grant's new book The Handwriting of God is the sequel to his best selling book The Signature of God. Thousands of readers were thrilled to read the astonishing biblical discoveries presented in The Signature of God. Bookstores report that many customers purchase multiple copies to share their faith with unsaved loved ones. Now you can enjoy Grant's latest book, a sequel that breaks new ground exploring the sacred mysteries of the Bible. If you enjoyed The Signature of God you will love his latest research in this book that explores astonishing new mysteries of the Word of God. 


RETAIL $12.99
SPECIAL $9.74 (25%)

Over 500,000 have read this fascinating best-seller about mankind heading toward their final appointment
with destiny!
- The coming battle of Armageddon
- The search for the lost ark of the covenant
- Rebuilding the temple
- 40 key events on prophetic feast days
- The coming Russian Invasion of Israel
- The European Superstate and the Antichrist


His Name is Jesus,
The Mysterious Yeshua Codes

Written by Yacov Rambsel,
Foreword by Grant R. Jeffrey

RETAIL $12.99
SPECIAL $9.74 (25%)

Millions of Christians and Jews have heard about the phenomenal Hebrew Codes discovered in the Word of God. Yacov Rambsel astonished biblical scholars and students alike with his fascinating discovery that God encoded the Hebrew name of Jesus (Yeshua) in virtually every messianic prophecy in the Old Testament. His Name is Jesus further explores countless new code discoveries that reveal Jesus in His Glory as the son of God, Adonai and Jehovah.

YESHUA, The Name of Jesus Revealed in the Old Testament
Written by Yacov Rambsel,
Foreword by Grant R. Jeffrey

RETAIL $11.99
SPECIAL $8.99 (25%)

Yacov Rambsel has discovered an astonishing pattern of significant letters in spelling Jesus' name YESHUA encoded at equally spaced intervals beneath the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. God encoded these Hebrew letters spelling the name of His Messiah-Yeshua ha'Machiach (Jesus the Christ) - in each of the great messianic prophecies. These incredible coded words provide profound insights revealing who Yeshua is, His origin, His mission, and His destiny to return as God's Messiah to establish the kingdom of God 

Best Seller


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The Signature of God is the most fascinating and important book that Grant has written. This book will startle and thrill you with its well documented scientific evidence that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Grant argues that God has indeed written His Signature on the pages of the Scriptures through a staggering number of divine proofs that its words are inspired and authoritative.

Explore the astonishing discoveries that prove God wrote the Scriptures:

Mysterious Hebrew codes in the Bible that reveal Hitler, Stalin and Sadat
The name "Yeshua - Jesus" appears in code throughout the Old Testament
The incredible precision of prophecy fulfilled in this generation
Ancient Inscriptions found in Sinai record the events of the Exodus
The names of Joseph and Moses found on ancient inscriptions
Incredibly accurate scientific statements found in the Bible
Advanced Medical Information in the Scriptures
Overwhelming historical proof for Christ's death and resurrection



RETAIL $12.99
SPECIAL $9.74 (25%)

Explore the Bible's heavenly promises where all your
hopes and dreams will be fulfilled. If you have lost
a loved one, you need this book to help you understand the truth about Heaven ~ the greatest promise ever made.
Many who have read through these pages have
lost forever their fear of death.


Learn the answers to all your questions about Heaven:

  What role do angels play in our lives?
Where and how will we live?
What will we be doing in Heaven?
Will I know my family and friends?
What happens to departed children?
What will our new bodies be like? 


RETAIL $13.99
SPECIAL $10.49 (25%)

Economic Collapse and the Coming World Government
Is the world facing economic collapse? Escape the coming stock market crash.
- A financial conspiracy to destroy the nations
- A cashless society
- A National Identity Card - 666 system
- God's plan for your financial success
- Financial Strategies for the last days
- An early church manuscript on the rapture and much more! 



RETAIL $13.99
SPECIAL $10.49 (25%)

A fascinating study of the mysterious dictator who will someday rule the earth
- 38 prophecies announce the Messiah
- The Rush to World Government
- The Agenda of the New World Order
- PLO-Israelis Agreement - Prelude to War
- The Surveillance Society - Assault on Freedom
- The technology of the 666 Mark of the Beast


RETAIL $12.99
SPECIAL $9.74 (25%)

- The rise of an evil empire...warfare on a global level...day of reckoning is near
- The prophecy of the two Messiahs
- The war between Gog and Magog
- The Fourth Reich of the Antichrist
- The rebuilding of Babylon
- The search for secret Temple Treasure 



RETAIL $12.99
SPECIAL $9.74 (25%)

An extraordinary study of the Book of Revelation in layman's terms
- The incredible destiny of the Raptured Church
- The future of America, Europe and Israel in Bible Prophecy
- The Early Church's belief in the rapture
- The Four Horsemen- the coming wrath of God
- The Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon
- Antichrist and the Kings of the East


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