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New Release - Jesus The Great Debate,


This fascinating audio documentary explores the powerful historical, archeological, and scientific evidence that proves the Gospel record about Jesus Christ is authentic. Jesus, The Great Debate provides incredible insights for witnessing to skeptics or believers alike. An excellent teaching and evangelistic audio tape set for study by families, home Bible studies, and churches. This tape set contains the audio track of Jesus, The Great Debate video.

Running time: 60 minutes
2 - 30 minute cassettes
Audio Book $15.99


This is the most fascinating and important audio series that Grant has produced. This series of two audio tapes will startle and thrill you with its well documented scientific evidence that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Grant argues that God has indeed written His Signature on the pages of the Scriptures through a staggering number of divine proofs that its words are inspired
and authoritative.

Approximate Running time: 160 Minutes

Cost: $15.99


Based on Grant Jeffrey's new bestseller, The Handwriting of God, this outstanding companion audio book explores startling and authoritative discoveries that have been buried beneath the surface text of the Hebrew Scriptures for over 3000 years. Now, Grant Jeffrey brings you the real truth behind the Bible Codes by means of this powerful and definitive audio series. With convincing documentation this compelling presentation will demonstrate to even the most skeptical mind the supernatural origin of the Scriptures. There is a war raging for the souls and minds of humanity nd the main battleground is the issue of biblical authority.

Only in this generation with high speed computers could the Bible Codes truly be discovered revealing the names of "Arafat" "PLO" "Shimon Peres" "Peace Treaty" the "Oklahoma bombing" and much more.No human writer could have known the significance of these words in ancient times. Here's the audio that breaks new ground from a Christian perspective in exploring the sacred mysteries of the Bible and providing new evidence that the Bible is "without error" and trustworthy despite the attacks on its authority.

Explore these fascinating Topics:

Astonishing New Bible Code Discoveries
The Christian Perspective on the Bible Codes
Jesus and His disciples' names revealed in the Old Testament
Is Christianity Credible?
Can We Still Trust The Bible?

This special audio edition will bring the Bible to life and re-awaken your passion and excitement for Jesus Christ and the great truths of the Word of God. This is a great faith-building and witnessing video.

Running time: 90 Minutes
Double cassette pkg

Cost: $15.99

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