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Apocalypse of Peter (Ethiopic edition)

Grant R. Jeffrey

The Temple Institute in the Old City of Jerusalem has now completed the construction of a golden Menorah, similar to the one used in ancient times in the Holy Temple. The head of the Temple Institute, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel talked with Yosef Zalmanson, a reporter with Israeli media's Arutz-7 and explained that the Menorah was not constructed for profane or for personal use, but rather "for the sake of the commandment." Officially, the Menorah was not ritually consecrated for Temple use to avoid the prohibition in Jewish religious law (Halakhic) forbidding anyone from deriving a benefit from objects that will become property of God's Temple.

Rabbi Ariel explained, "It, or other Menorahs, will be consecrated when the Temple is rebuilt." The beautiful Menorah, a seven branched candellabra, is six and a half feet in height and was constructed with more than 92 pounds of pure gold. This Arutz-7 report appeared on the Internet on Sept, 28, 1999 (Tishri 18, 5760 Jewish calendar) at FOR ZION'S SAKE MINISTRY's web site: