Grant's Latest Bestseller - The Signature of God

"Grant Jeffrey has written an extraordinary new book, The Signature of God, that provides astonishing proof that the Bible was inspired by God. Grant is recognized as the leading researcher in Bible Prophecy today."
Hal Lindsey, Hal Lindsey Ministries

Is there some way to determine the truth about God and the Bible? This book, The Signature of God, will examine incredible scientific discoveries that prove that the Bible is authoritative and inspired by God. How would God prove that the Bible was His legitimate revelation to mankind? How would God differentiate the true inspired Scriptures from the many other religious books produced by men over the centuries.

I believe that God would authenticate His own true revelation by writing His signature on the pages of His Scriptures. This signature would consist of evidence, knowledge and phenomenon in the text of the Bible that no unaided human could possibly have written. In other words, the genuine Scriptures should contain supernatural evidence within its text that no one apart from a Divine Intelligence could create.

Topics Covered in The Signature of God

1. Fascinating ancient inscriptions and manuscripts that prove the incredible historical accuracy of the Scriptures.
2. Little known archeological discoveries that provide overwhelming confirmation of the biblical accounts, including the Tower of Babel, the famine in Egypt,
3. An astonishing discovery of ancient rock inscriptions in the Sinai and Yemen that record the events of the Red Sea Crossing and the Exodus mentioning Moses, Miriam and Joseph.
4. The tremendously accurate scientific statements in the Bible that cannot be explained apart from God's inspiration.
5. These Hebrew Codes reveal the names: Hitler, Eichmann, and Anwar Sadat.
6.Throughout the Old Testament God has placed the name of Jesus - Yeshua in code, bebneath theespecially in passages that prophecy the coming Messiah.
7. The staggering phenomenon of hidden codes and mathematical patterns found in the text of the Bible that could not have been produced by human intelligence.
8. The incredible fulfillment of twenty prophecies in our generation that authenticate God's authorship of the Scriptures.
9. Ezekiel prophesied the rebirth of Israel as a nation on May 15, 1948
10.Fascinating archeological discoveries that confirm the accuracy of the Bible's statements about the falling walls of Jericho, the seal used by Baruch, the scribe who wrote the Book of Jeremiah.
11. Scriptural "coincidences" that confirm the divine inspiration of the Scriptures.
12. The phenomenon of the transformed character and lives of the writers of the Bible.
13. The unprecedented influence of the Bible on the lives of individuals, the culture, and history of the Western world.
14. Incredibly advanced medical laws and knowledge found in the Bible confirm its supernatural origin.

The evidence presented in The Signature of God provides tremendous evidence supporting the authority and inspiration of Scripture. Those who love the Word of God or anyone who wonders if they can trust the Bible need to read the thrilling information in this fascinating book.